About Us

Recovery Unplugged helps individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse heal through a music-based recovery approach. Our clinical experts work closely with our award-winning creative leadership to give patients a well rounded, innovative and results driven recovery experience. We help patients heal through the process of writing, producing and performing their own music.


Blending Tradition and Innovation

Recovery Unplugged is a South Florida-based addiction care organization blazing new trails in the treatment of chemical dependency. Developed and operated by industry-leading experts and acclaimed musicians and songwriters, Recovery Unplugged leverages the power of music to help our patients heal from drug and alcohol addiction. A proven and effective recovery resource, our music-based treatment approach has helped patients from all over the country access their confidence, their passion and their voice through the power of writing, producing and recording. Our expert clinicians, dedicated support staff and creative leaders use the natural relationship that occurs between recovery and the creative process to empower, inspire and heal.

Expert, Comprehensive Treatment

Recovery Unplugged is the first addiction treatment organization to weave music so deeply into the fabric of its treatment. Our staff is comprised of experienced and qualified addiction care experts as well as accomplished songwriters and musicians, many of whom are in recovery, themselves. At the heart of our treatment approach is the knowledge that every patient is unique and has their own story to tell. This is why we treat them as individuals, not merely a collection of symptoms. We strive to help each patient gain self-awareness through the traditional treatment and music production processes. Recovery Unplugged provides a full continuum of care, including detox, rehab and aftercare.


Music and Healing

Music has the power to heal in more ways than one. On a purely emotional level, the power of recorded sound to transform our mood and lift our spirits has been well documented. This effect transcends language and impacts us on a primal level. Recovery Unplugged leverages music’s healing power in a deeper way, one more conducive to the recovery process. Patients achieve emotional release and catharsis through the writing and recording processes, and also have the added satisfaction and empowerment that comes with finishing an artistic project. At the end of the program, patients are often amazed at how they were able to articulate their emotions through song.

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